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our task

The Broadbent Institute, an organization championing progressive change in Canada, hired 270 Strategies to support their development of a national training program for a new wave of grassroots organizers across the country.

our strategy

Together, we launched the Broadbent Institute’s first-ever national training department to arm Canada’s progressive organizers with the skills, tools, and best practices in grassroots organizing. We developed training modules that drew from traditional, modern, and Canadian-specific examples, and trained progressive leaders to take these resources to build or improve their organizations and campaigns.

our execution

By participating in the extensive training program we helped Broadbent develop, Canadian progressive leaders learned campaign strategy and planning, goal setting, team building and development, organizing tactics, data management, digital organizing, and more. We also held seven speaking engagements to promote the Broadbent Institute’s training work and the impact grassroots organizing can have on political and advocacy campaigns, and led strategic planning sessions with progressive organizations and campaigns.

our results

1,000+ Canadian Progressives Trained.

In partnership with the Broadbent Institute, we developed more than 15 modules and delivered 10 trainings to progressive leaders across Canada. In total, thousands of people participated — from local volunteers to executive directors. Today, the Broadbent Institute and 270 Strategies are committed to continuing to support the next generation of progressive leaders in Canada.

“When the Broadbent Institute set out to create a new training programme for Canadian progressive leaders, we knew we needed to partner with the acknowledged global leaders to put it together. Drawing on their learning and record of success in multiple countries, 270 Strategies have helped us build a series of exciting training offerings that have measurably improved the skills of thousands of Canadian progressives.”

Rick Smith
Executive Director, Broadbent Institute
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