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our task

270 Strategies helped create and launch iVote, a new voting rights advocacy organization in 2014. iVote set out to fill a gap in the voting rights space by elevating voting rights as an electoral issue, electing voting rights champions, and passing high-impact legislation expanding access to voting.

Our strategy

iVote started by redefining the narrative on voting rights, moving it from one on protecting voters and which waits to defend voter rights until after they’ve already been challenged, to going on offense on to expand access to voting. We helped iVote identify and develop strategies that would leverage their work and investment for maximum scaleable impact, by zeroing in on targeting secretary of state races in key swing states and enacting automatic voter registration. 

our execution

Acting as general consultants and lead strategists, 270 Strategies helped build iVote from the ground up, and we continue to craft messaging and create press awareness through targeted state and local media campaigns. We launched the organization’s website, email program, and social media platforms, and manage multiple independent expenditure and advocacy campaigns for the organization.

our results

In the 2018 cycle 270 Strategies helped iVote raise over $6 million to run independent expenditure campaigns to flip secretary of state seats in swing states. 270 Strategies managed, ran, and won all three independent expenditure campaigns iVote ran taking secretary of state seats back for Democrats in Arizona, Colorado, and Michigan. In addition, 270 Strategies helped run and pass a $9 million ballot initiative iVote led to enact automatic voter registration in Nevada. Through earned media and advocacy campaigns, 270 has helped iVote raise automatic voter registration to prominence and enact it in several states.

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