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Our Story

Our Team

We are organizers and activists, university fellows and motivational speakers, firefighters and improv actors, writers and commentators, scrapbookers and scholars, moms and dads.

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Our Mission

Since launching our company nearly five years ago, we’ve worked with hundreds of campaigns, companies, and causes to reimagine how they approach their mission and help them achieve their goals. While every project is unique, what’s common across all our work is how we turn to individual people to step up, lean in, and be real change agents.

The core of our approach is engagement. Whether you are asking people to cast a ballot, become a member of an organization, buy a product, or serve as a brand ambassador, what you’re really doing is engaging individuals around a common cause, common value, or common need and urging them to do something about it.

270 Strategies helps our clients target the right audiences for their work, craft the most persuasive message to reach them, and apply smart strategies – online and on-the-ground – to move these people to action. We are relentlessly data-driven and people-focused, and our portfolio reflects our commitment to empowering ordinary, everyday people to change the world.

We believe digital communication is critical to meeting people where they are in the 21st century. The most effective communications are never passive – in the era of Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook, people demand access and two-way communication with individuals from the front office to the Oval Office. And no one communicates solely through e-mail or text or over the phone, nor do people think about the way they receive information in silos.

Savvy and responsive organizations need to be more integrated in the way they communicate with the people they want to reach. That means building campaigns that incorporate unified strategies for engaging people online, on the doors, and over the airways.

Members of the 270 team pioneered the integration of online and offline organizing over the last three presidential cycles — and today, we help our clients create digital-forward programs to connect with their customers, members, and voters.

We think storytelling matters. The most effective leaders and organizations know how to tell the story of their work in a way that breaks through the noise and transcends the chaos of the 24-hour, cable news environment we live in. 

Whether our clients are at the helm of multi-billion dollar tech companies or driving the conversation around women’s reproductive rights; whether they are leading startups that are reimagining the way our communities operate or putting climate change and green issues in the spotlight; whether they are mobilizing voters to raise the minimum wage or making news in the sharing economy by transforming the way we travel — putting a human face on the work and connecting the urgency of the issue with the impact on people’s daily lives can make all the difference. 270 helps our clients use personal stories to organize supporters, build critical relationships, and inspire people to take action.






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Our Rules to Live By

Do Big Things: We partner with clients who are committed to changing the world. We work tirelessly and take risks as needed — because “good” isn’t good enough. We strive for presidential-level excellence.
INVEST IN PEOPLE: The people who walk through our doors every morning are the best in the business — and we work to get better every day, promoting professional development through training and new experiences. People are also at the heart of every client engagement. We believe meaningful change happens when you invest in relationships and person-to-person organizing.
MAKE DIVERSITY A PRIORITY: We believe our team should reflect the communities we organize. We 
invest in diversity, cultural awareness, and the unique experiences of each member of our company. Diversity is part of our strategic advantage, and always will be.
PUSH THE ENVELOPE: We push our clients to think differently and reach further, while supporting their missions with tested strategies and best practices. We rely on data to drive decisions, use technology to tackle big issues, and constantly look for new ways to solve problems.
LEAD THE CONVERSATION – OR START ONE: We are thought leaders, and believe it’s our responsibility to address the issues that matter in our communities. We often push beyond the comfort zone of the progressive movement — but approach our work with a “humble swagger,” advocating for what we know to be true and acknowledging we can always learn more.
BE CREATIVE AND COLLABORATIVE: We are intentional about our culture and how people feel as part of our team. We have fun with the work we do, and develop workspaces that foster creativity, collaborative problem solving, and innovation.
BE (A LITTLE BIT) WEIRD: We maintain an edge in our work, our space, and our actions. We’re not afraid of sticking out in the crowd, being a little crazy, or doing things just to make each other laugh. Our weird is part of our style.
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