Ashley Baia

Senior Vice President

Ashley Baia is a Senior Vice President with 270 Strategies. Prior to joining 270 Strategies, Ashley was Director of Organizing and Community Engagement at Peers, where she was responsible for organizing a global community around the sharing economy movement. She ran and executed a winning field program as Field Director in the battleground state of Virginia during President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

Ashley has been passionately involved in organizing and community engagement since 2003. She launched her organizing career while attending the University of South Florida, organizing communities in her home state around global poverty issues. Later, Ashley worked on President Obama’s 2008 campaign, organizing in the battleground states of South Carolina and Virginia and serving as the Regional Field Director in Richmond.

After the 2008 campaign, Ashley served as Deputy Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement. Her time in the Office of Public Engagement was focused on making sure everyday Americans had access to the White House and a seat at the table when decisions were being made that would most affect their community.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys watching movies, relaxing with the occasional bourbon, and DIYing whatever she can get her hands on in her new Maryland home, which she shares with her wife Susana and her dog Rufus.