Our Work Tesla

Our Challenge

In 2016, the car dealership lobby began to push legislation targeting Tesla’s direct-to-consumer business model to ultimately prevent them from selling their electric cars nationwide. As concerns increased, Tesla brought on 270 Strategies to create and execute an advocacy strategy to raise awareness and strike down the legislation in Connecticut and Indiana. If successful, Tesla planned to  replicate this model throughout the country to combat similar legislation.

Our Approach

The 270 team applied our expertise in political advocacy and community engagement to this corporate dilemma. Our primary goal was to convert community members and Tesla customers into ambassadors to advocate against the legislation. The campaign was centered around a series of asks on social media, emails, and at in-person events. 

Our driving force was our ads campaign, where our team developed a suite of banner ads for local newspapers and developed digital ads on Facebook. We tested various messages, graphics, and language to see what resonated with the community and online audiences. Following extensive testing, our results found the most significant conversion rate, as well as which audiences were the most receptive to Tesla’s mission. 

The online and offline ads were frequently tested and optimized during the beginning stages of the campaign. We employed messaging which resonated with community members and began to see an increase in engagement to our online channels. Members were encouraged to participate in various actions including signing petitions, writing op-eds, sending letters to representatives, and in-person lobbying against the legislation.

Our Results

270’s advocacy strategy was massively successful. In CT the dealership lobby-backed legislation lost in a vote of 27-17 after a successful letter writing campaign where we got 37 businesses and organizations to send letters in to CT lawmakers.  Our approach also got our client a win in IN, whose bill included an amendment that grandfathered Tesla out of the direct sales model restrictions. Not only was the model tremendously impactful, it was so efficient that over the following year, Tesla continued applying it to the other states where they encountered the dealership lobby legislation.

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