Senior Associate Sam Aleman

Sam Aleman is a Senior Associate at 270 Strategies specializing in digital strategy and engagement. Before joining 270, Sam served as a Digital Organizer at the Democratic National Committee, where he helped design and run an innovative digital organizing and voter education broadcast SMS program for a list of 2.5 million subscribers in collaboration with the Biden Presidential campaign. He also gained fluency in various digital engagement tools and platforms, from peer-to-peer texting to training to social media organizing. 

Sam got his start in politics after seeing his home state of Michigan flip in the 2016 election. He became committed to getting everyone engaged around local and national issues from that point on. After training as a field organizer in his hometown of Rochester, he joined the Organizing Corps 2020. He discovered his love for engaging communities to empower change and create tangible solutions to grassroots and national issues. He later joined the Organizing Corps’ digital and engagement team to implement a digital strategy and increase social engagement for online platforms while recruiting new organizers for the 2020 general election. In 2020, Sam joined the Democratic National Committee as a Digital Organizer, where he managed the Voter Education Broadcast SMS Program. 

Sam earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan. He enjoys photographing his loved ones in his spare time, watching HBO Max, and getting birthday cake-flavored ice cream.