Our Work A Presidential Re-Election Campaign in South-East Asia

Our Challenge

270 was brought on to reelect the incumbent President of a South East Asian country in the midst of an extremely negative political climate rife with fake news and an all-too-familiar authoritarian opposition.

Our Approach

The 270 team was adamant that the candidate take back the narrative, stop responding to the opposition’s baseless attacks, and focus on the priorities that voters cared most about. We believed the incumbent could win by staying on message and more effectively targeting extensive digital messaging at persuadable voters.

On the ground, we fielded multiple polls to inform campaign message recommendations and voter targeting. Our team worked closely with senior campaign leadership to craft messages that spoke to the most critical voters for our success. We introduced more compelling story-telling about the President’s previous achievements and vision for the future, based on the issues we knew voters were most concerned about. Together, we successfully shifted the narrative away from the fake news the opposition used to try to divide the electorate. 

The 270 team also worked hand-in-hand with campaign staff responsible for executing the campaign’s digital strategy. Based on our research and analytics, we recommended targeted universes for persuasion and mobilization messages during the final two months of the campaign, and recommended the best ways to spend down budget to reach those audiences. Throughout our time on the ground, we ensured the team was using the best practices for reaching, persuading, and mobilizing voters.

Our Results

When we started, our client trailed the opposition by two points. By shifting the narrative away from divisive fake news, we put the President back on a path to victory. On Election Day, the President won with a resounding 11 point victory. 

With our help, the President won re-election by almost 17 million votes – an 11% advantage over the opposition

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