Our Work Amendment 4

Our Challenge

In 2018, 270 Strategies partnered with a bipartisan coalition advocating for the passage of Amendment 4, which would restore voting rights for Floridians with felony convictions after they complete all terms of their sentence. As the Amendment required 60% support to ensure its passage, it was critical for the coalition to reach, engage, and mobilize a broad base of Democrats and Republicans.

Our Approach

270’s task in the 2018 cycle was to ideate, develop, and support the execution of the coalition’s campaign strategy. In doing so, we focused on four main priorities:

  1. A Paid Media Strategy consisting of TV, Radio, Ads, and Mail, targeting Democrats, Republicans, and moderates alike
  2. A Volunteer Strategy centered around coordinating a broad-based grassroots coalition
  3. A Storytelling Strategy focused on minimizing opposition to the bill, avoiding partisan messaging, and highlighting local, individual stories to center the narrative
  4. A Voter Education and Mobilization Strategy focused on raising awareness and motivating supporters through, among other means, organic and paid message amplification

Given FL’s historic partisanship and near 50/50 divide between Democratic and GOP interests, a key focus for the 270 team was to prioritize a values-based engagement strategy and ensure that all stakeholders felt heard at both the grassroots and grasstops levels. The paid media strategy in particular involved sending mail to both “Hold Voters” (Democrats and Independents) and “GOP Voters” (Republicans). 

The advisory role that 270 played involved analyzing and interpreting strategy at a holistic level. This included evaluating the coalition’s approach to targeted outreach and prioritizing key audience segments, including likely voters and supporters who were less likely to turn out to vote.

Our Results

Ultimately, as a result of the team’s broad based strategy and relentless outreach in the lead up to the election, FL’s Amendment 4 passed with a 64% yes vote, transcending partisan consideration and becoming a landmark ballot initiative success in the 2018 cycle.

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