Our Work FAMM

Our Challenge

FAMM (formerly Families Against Mandatory Minimums) was working to create a more fair and effective justice system by working to combat mandatory minimums and advocating on issues such as prison reform, clemency, and compassionate release. FAMM believed it was critical to have a justice system that matches the punishment to the crime – and prioritizes rehabilitation – so people leaving prison can contribute to our communities instead of landing back behind bars. 270 was brought on to help FAMM refine its brand and core message and to build an organizing program to better identify, engage, and mobilize families affected by broken criminal justice policies.

Our Approach

FAMM has been elevating voices and pushing for change within the criminal justice system for decades. 270 worked with FAMM to take that work to the next level by refining its overall narrative, undertaking a strategic planning process to ensure the organization’s resources are applied in the smartest ways, and developing a targeted national organizing program to grow its impact.

At the start of 2018, 270 began working with FAMM to think through ways to create lasting change in the most effective and engaging way possible. We conducted an assessment of FAMM’s existing mission and goals and evaluated its brand, name, mission, and narrative. Using the information gleaned from this process, we provided new communications and organizing strategies to better reflect the organization’s current focus and audience. We made recommendations on ways to improve FAMM’s media plan and track audience response and feedback. 

We also launched FAMM’s first-ever grassroots organizing initiative centered on a pilot state program, created an organizing model to engage its constituents, and sourced staff to led the effort, including  a national field director and local organizers. Additionally, we created toolkits to make existing supporters and celebrity stakeholders more active members and advocates for FAMM.

Our Results

FAMM executed a groundbreaking organizing program that will unite and promote the voices of the current and formerly incarcerated to help reform our nation’s criminal justice system.  

In 2019, FAMM went live with its new branding and mission, unveiled the FAMM Advocates program, which will allow supporters across the country support and engage with the organization, and held a major rally in Washington, DC to kick off its national organizing work to demand criminal justice reform.

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