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Strategic Planning

We know that defining the right strategy and crafting an effective plan are essential first steps to launching a successful initiative – whether that’s launching a campaign, releasing a new product, or updating an organization’s programming. We help our clients define clear, achievable goals aligned with their mission and other objectives. We then work together to design, develop, and sometimes execute a plan that articulates those goals, effective strategies and tactics to achieve those goals, resource gaps and staffing needs, and a clear path to achieving success.


We take an organizer’s lens to training — we meet people where they are, focus on building relevant skills, and empower them to take action. Whether online or offline, 270 trainings are highly experiential, interactive, and employ the latest methodologies in adult learning theory. We know people learn by doing, so we minimize presentation and maximize time for discussion, collaborative problem-solving, hands-on practice, and peer-to-peer coaching. Our trainings are focused on helping trainees build the confidence and skill to put learning into practice. We never train just to train.


270 team members played leading roles in electing our last three Democratic presidents, and we have advised Presidents, parties, mayors, and other candidates in twenty-five countries across five continents. We know that every community is unique, and that smart campaigns reflect the local cultural landscape, history, and political environment. Our approach respects and builds on existing expertise – while inspiring our clients to focus on winning strategies and adopt the most effective messaging, digital, and organizing tactics we’ve observed and refined around the world.

Opening New Commercial Markets

We know from experience that when companies enter new markets, sometimes even the best intentions can be lost in translation. We help companies tell their story in a way that makes clear that their values and products align with the communities they want to engage. Finding and engaging your customers in a new city or country is often a complex process that involves navigating local political dynamics, finding and deploying champions for their cause, and spreading their message or value to a new market. We help our clients invest in finding and leveraging the right local voices to help their brand or product take off.

Coalition Building

The 270 team has played a lead role in multiple, successful presidential campaigns, and has unmatched relationships in every state in the country. We leverage those relationships to build a broad coalition of voices to help our clients advocate for policy change and legislation. We use our experience and expertise to develop individualized, state-level plans for coalition building and constituent organizing, advise on national strategy, and develop and fill staffing structures to execute our client’s plans, at scale.

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