Senior Associate Julia Fiedler

Julia Fiedler is a Senior Associate at 270 Strategies specializing in campaign strategy and grassroots organizing. As a Senior Associate at 270, Julia produces high-level strategic recommendations and guidance to government officials, non-profits, corporations, foundations, and political campaigns both domestic and international. Since joining 270, Julia is most proud of her work on a post-election analysis of the 2020 Election, her contributions to training the Swedish Social Democrats communications team, and her help molding and shaping strategic plans for organizations across the country. She loves any opportunity to become a subject matter expert on whatever relevant niche her clients fit into. 

Before joining 270, Julia collected a variety of campaign experiences including her most recent stint as a Regional Voter Protection Director in Ohio for the Biden campaign. Before that, Julia worked on a senate campaign, a presidential primary campaign, and a congressional race. She became inspired by the power of community organizing in her first job as a field organizer in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. 

Julia earned B.A.s in Political Science and Strategic Communication from High Point University and now lives in Washington, DC. Her hobbies include playing guitar and singing along, watching reality TV, playing the Sims 4, and making extremely involved spreadsheets detailing future international travels.